Friday, May 23, 2008


I hate it. I love it.

I hate it, because it forces me to choose a selection of clothing for an extended period of time.

I love it, because it means I'll be heading somewhere else. In this means we're going to WDW, again. Woohoo!!

So, anyway, tonight I spent time organizing, and putting together outfits for the week we'll be away. Most of my suitcase is done. I want purchase a few things over the next few days, a pair of dressy black shorts, and a new bathingsuit. Also a few new unmentionables. *wink, wink*. I've got plenty of socks, and other stuff.

Over the next few days, I'll be getting the boys stuff together, and of course, I'll double check my daughter's suitcase. Today she told me that she has all the stuff in there she wants to take, but, it is so full, it can hardly close! Umm...that's not a good sign - so, I'll check it out, and see what she's got in there.

Oh, yeah, tomorrow I need to go to Best Buy and purchase an A/C adapter for John's iPod shuffle. He's got the 2nd generation species, and he'll need something to charge it each day since we won't be lugging our computer with us. *giggle* I also want to check out a new game that was released on Tuesday. Actually, I've already seen it, but, I need to check out prices of graphics cards.

Age of Conan - I'll just say wow. This game looks absolutely amazing! I really, really want to try it out. My graphics card just barely misses the required specs to play the game, though. :( so, I want to see how much a new card, that meets specs will run. Then, maybe when I get my economic stimulus check, I'll go buy the new card, and game. The check should be here by the time we are back from vacation, on hold at the PO.

I've got a list of stuff that needs to be done. Work is pretty much all caught up. I just need to do one last credit, and that's it work wise. I have to upload music on my iPod for the trip, and download, and clean up my memory cards for the camera.

But, for tonight - I've been up too late already, so I'm turning in.


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