Friday, May 29, 2009

Too cute!

So - on Mother's Day - we rescued two, two day old kittens.

The two sisters were born on a Friday, in my neighbors backyard. We've had a stray cat hanging around, have been feeding her since fall, and she ended up pregnant..... anyway, the mama abandoned them when she couldn't get back to them the day after they were born. The neighbors were having a big party in their yard, and the mama was afraid to go over to take care of them, unfortunately.

On Mother's day, the neighbor came over and told me that one of the kittens was crawling in the grass, so I went over to get her, and found the sister on the other side of the fence, between the fence, and shed. I brought them home, attempted to get the mother to accept them for several hours, but, she refused. :( So sad. I had to do something, so I went to the pet supply store and bought animal nursing bottles, and kitten milk replacement. And, so it began, working at trying to save these little girls.

Sadly, the next morning, one of the kittens died. I held her as she took her last breath, and sobbed my eyes out when she passed. It just broke my heart that I couldn't save her. But, her sister is another story!!

Today, she is three weeks old. Her eyes are wide open, her ears are open - she's a wiggly, squirmy, cuddly ball of fur!! It's been so much hard work - feedings in the middle of the night, helping her to potty since she can't control that yet on her own. I've been peed on, and pooped on *yuck* !!!! But, oh my, we're all in love!!!

When I hold her, and talk to her, she just sits and stares at me, listening, and she'll talk back with her little meows, and reaches for me with her little tiny paws. She's just too sweet.

Three pictures:

first is from the day we found both.
next is from two weeks ago, huge yawn, so sweet.
last picture is from today - looking right at the camera.

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