Monday, May 4, 2009

Unexpected break

Deer Park schools are closed for the week.

There are three probable cases of Swine Flu (H1N1) at one school in the district. It was recommended that the ONE school be closed for a week, but, the district decided to take extra precautions and shut down all six schools. I understand the fear. I understand the concern.

I am, though, wondering what will be done to ensure that that lesson plans will be fulfilled for high school students taking the NYS Regents exams in June. Also a question - will school be extended for a week into July?

At least my boys are fine - and my daughter is away from this (so far) at college.

But - this week also gives us some down time. Time to rest up, and recharge our internal battery, so to speak. I do have a busy week of work - Mother's Day is the 10th, that means there will be a lot of cards sold, and a lot of cards to keep neat and somewhat orderly. Then, a busy week next week with the Father's Day setup, and credits. It just feels like the months roll by so quickly. Before I know it, it will be August and Halloween cards will be in stock. :)

I've been scrappin' so much lately. I have a lot of layouts to photograph and put up here. Perhaps later today.

Anyway - time to get ready for work.

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