Friday, February 16, 2007

Ice, and other stuff

I hate ice...

Not the little cubes that you'll find in a glass of soda, or drink at the restaurant. But, the wretched stuff that Mother Nature feels obliged to grace us with in the winter months.

Wednesday morning, there was a thick coating of ice all around. The trees looked beautiful, and made lovely sounds as the branches hit each other - but - that did not come without a price....chunks of ice rained down hitting the windows, cars, and roof top. Branches were broken from the trees...

My front lawn has been turned into a skating pond, temporarily, until the sun warms up the ice to melt during the day, only to turn back to ice again once the sun goes down..*sigh*... wicked cycle. I don't drive in that Wednesday was an indoor day. Thursday - I needed to work, so Steve drove me to work. He's not afraid of bad weather driving. Which is a good thing. But, by the afternoon time on Thursday, the roads were clear, finally, and driving isn't so bad, as evidenced by my taking the kids to school this morning. It's a bit tricky in some spots, but, going slow seems to help......good thing, too. Afterall, it's Friday, and Friday means scrapbooking with the girls.

More later.

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Mimi said...

Stay safe, my friend.