Sunday, February 25, 2007

Several days later

Later never got here the other day. :P

I get busy with things, I work, I have been enjoying mid-winter recess with the kids, and time with Steve. I log in to play WoW....

We've been busy.

Thursday, February 22nd marked the one year anniversary of my mother's death. It's hard to believe it's been a year. Where the heck did that time go? On one hand, it seems like such a long time ago, and yet, at the same time, it feels like yesterday. I miss her so much. A lump forms in my throat, and it becomes hard to swallow. My mom, my light, the one who I looked to, to learn by a shining example of what a real mother is. Sure, she wasn't perfect, but, who is? Though, in my eyes, she was perfect, and then some.

Perfect comes in all shapes and sizes. I can only hope that I reflect and emulate what she taught me over the years.

Maybe I middle child has been a little brat of late. He's going to be 15, and he talks back, and makes smart ass comments, faces, just really ......bratty. On the way back from the cemetery on Thursday, he was being a royal pain in the car, and then at the shoe store, he elbowed me, on purpose, in the chest. When we got home, he was grounded from his beloved PS2, and the computer. Then, I told him he needed to write me an essay on "The Importance of a Mother". He looked at me bug if I'd lost my mind, or had 3 heads sprouting from the one neck below.

I did not push the issue of the essay for the rest of the day. But, on Friday morning, while laying in bed preparing to get up, I thought - hmm...did he write the essay yet? Of course, his brother was the one to bring it up - 'mom, did he write his essay yet?" I asked him, if he wrote the essay, and he looked at me, as if it was an unknown thing. I asked if he thought I'd forgotten, and he responded that I never said anything else that day, so he figured I was joking. HA, joking, I don't think so. So, I told him, it was expected to be done by the time I got home from work - and my work is such, that it all depends on how fast, or slow I go, that determines how early or late I am home from work. :) But, I went to work, and since I was in no rush to return home, I took a quick detour to Michael's ( to pacify my mood with a Cricut font purchase.*grin*) That got me home around 3:30.

As I sat down to watch the end of General Hospital, in my nice comfy pj's, with my hot tea - Joey came out with his essay. I have to say, he does get what the importance is...his essay was good, really good. We talked about what he wrote, and if he understands what he did wrong, and he said yes to all. Let's see how things go now with him. The rest of Friday was good, today was good....we'll see how it goes. :) For now, I'm somewhat placated.

Being a mom is tough work. Steve and I have discussed my returning to work full time. But, it always comes down to the fact that even if they are all teenagers, I'm still needed, big time. From the oldest, to the youngest, I'm the one they want. Dad helps, but, mommy is golden.

I wonder how my mom did it.... I should have asked her that question a long time ago.

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