Thursday, August 9, 2007

Been a while

I've been busy, and haven't taken the time to post/update here. Between work, and vacationing with the kids, free time to do so has been scarce.

So, down to business - Jen is registered for all of her classes, and starts in two weeks. I think she's excited, and nervous, at the same time. She has to go purchase her books next week - that is when the bookstore will have all the books prepped with the class/section numbers.

She has also been working, and going out with her friends. Last weekend, she went to the Warped Tour, and Nassau Coliseum. The bands were great, she said. But, it was so hot. She said at one point, a girl fainted right in front of her, and dropped to the ground. The boyfriend couldn't even pick her up, and somewhat dragged her to the first aid station. Pretty scary stuff. They only stayed for three hours, and decided to come home, shower and change, and go to dinner and the movies. Pretty smart.

The boys have been enjoying summer. Hanging out with their friends, spending time with their dad, and me.

I'm going on vacation soon - European destination. Can't wait!

Anyway - gotta scoot.

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Mimi said...

Travel safely and enjoy!

and, best wishes to your daughter in school!