Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yeah, mom, it's neat.

It has to be said, that my idea of neat, is not equal to my son's idea of neat.

Today, I took my youngest child to work with me. He's 13, and really responsible. He's a good, hard worker, and does help me a great deal. But, his idea of neat, and mine, do not mesh. He told me that the opposide side of my counter of cards was neat - and when I went around to that side to order - it wasn't neat...there were envelopes sticking up, and cards not pocketed all the way into their respective pockets. *sigh*

I asked - 'this is neat?'
He said - 'Uh, yeah.'

Gotta love him though. He did go back and redo it, and make it neat. My kind of neat. :)

On a side note - today we had record low temperatures here. It was 53 degrees - that's farenheit, ya'll. It's August....remember? It did feel really good to have some cool weather. If only the sun was shining, though, and not raining buckets of water.

Anyway - it was a day to sit and read, or watch TV. So, that's what we did when we got home.

Pet peeve - when people don't respond to emails, or phone calls that they said they were going to make.

I'm out.

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