Saturday, January 12, 2008

$30 @ the pharmacy

z-pack - good stuff
tessalon perles - new to me!
(and a lasix refill) - desperately needed :oP

So - I've been sick since last Friday - read 9 days ago. Started so suddenly. I was fine in the morning, went to work, left work - and on the way home, realized my throat was scratchy, and started coughing. By 4ish, the aches and pains set in, and overnight a little cough started. It just got progressively worse, to the point of a pounding headache, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, hurting all over.

Steve was after me to call the doctor, and I just kept saying 'it's only a cold'. But, the cough got worse, and while I feel somewhat better, now I have a sore throat, and left ear, today the doctor said they are both red, and gave me the meds. z-pack I've had so many times, but the tessalon perles are new..and for the cough. Very strange little gold gel thingies. /shrug if they help calm the cough, then I'll be very happy. I've waited on taking it because it can cause drowsiness. And, I just read all the side effects, and lovely ...they can also cause upset stomach, and other not so fun stuff. Just brilliant, already have an upset tummy from the zithromax :( ugh.

Anyway, I haven't worked all week. My boss told me not to even rush back to work this week if I'm not feeling much better. But, to let her know so that she can check in on my stores. I think I will be able to work, though. We'll see.

Now, I'm going to print out some scrapbook ideas, and watch my son finish up his Karazhan run in WoW. His warrior is wearing lovely epic armor, and he's having the most fun ever in game. I dusted off my druid, and she's close to level 50 - 5 bubbles away. :) She's been in hibernation for the last year and then some. Hibernate no more.

So, I'm out.

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