Thursday, January 31, 2008

There hasn't been too much going on lately.

My birthday was on Monday, wooohoo for 42. :)

On Saturday, I went to pick up my dress for my brother's wedding. It looks so good on. I'm so excited for him, and his wife to be. She's such a great gal. Of course - that's because she's a Long Island girl. Down to earth, has a head on her shoulders, motivated, cheerful. They say it takes one good woman, to make a man settle down, and she is the one for my bro. Thank goodness! Anyway - I have to ship my dress down to Florida, so that they can take all the dresses to be steamed/pressed before the wedding. That way, they don't get crushed during the flight.

Jen, and I, went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch after picking up the dress.

Oh. My. Goodness. That place is wonderful! The servings were huge! Jen had the Chicken Salad sandwich, I had the Chicken and Avocado sandwich. Both were served on toasted brioche bread. We both ended up bringing home half our lunch. We did indulge and had cheesecake for dessert. Jen had the Key Lime Pie cheesecake, and I had the Italian Tiramisu cheesecake. Their iced tea was yummy. It tasted so flower'y'. Very fragrant, and refreshing.

Last Friday, I scrapped with the gals, and then we went to dinner at Charlie Brown's. It's a nice place, we had fun, and talked a lot. Only, my meal was awful. How can Chicken Parm be ruined? Well, it was..the chicken was so tough, and chewy, the mozzarella was not melted, and actually cold. Yuck. Not impressed at all. I was realy surprised, too, because I've been there before and the food was always great. Oh well.

No scrapbooking this week. I'm going to work instead. I decided to not work yesterday, because the weather was terrible. Pouring rain all morning, extremely high winds - so I sat at home. I cleaned, sat and wasted a few hours reading online.

Today, I worked. Then, I scooted over to Macy's to buy a ceramic rooster that was on sale. I had seen it last week, but, decided to wait for the sale this week. The woman that rang up the sale, wrapped the rooster in one sheet of tissue paper, and wrapped one plastic bag around it, and then put it into another bag. Well, I got home, and went to take it out of the car, and the roosters tail feathers were completely broken off in one section. I was so upset. I brought it in the house, and thought maybe I'd just crazy glue it back on, but, Jen said we should just go back and exchange it. So, we picked Joey up at school, and went back to the mall.

The women at the register were great. We got another, took care of the exchange, and then the new one was wrapped in bubble wrap and lot's of tissue paper. He made it home safely, and is currenly sitting in the center of my ceramic top stove. I'll put him in his new home later.

That's it for now. :)


twisty said...

happy late birthday! you dont look a day over 28 or 29 =D

Mimi said...

Happy Forty Two! Many Years to you!