Thursday, January 24, 2008

blah blah


seems like I just don't bother to update here anymore.

I'm all better, not sick anymore, which is a great thing. The man was diagnosed with we've been taking care of that business. Cold turkey no soda, no caffeine, because he won't drink his coffee with any sugar substitute, and diet soda causes him to flee in disgust. /shrug. His numbers have been dropping nicely in the last week. Thanks to meds, and my careful preparation of all his meals. ;)

I lost my cell phone, for a few days. Then, I found it, at one of my accounts. It was teetering on the edge of falling underneath the inside of the card case. It must have fallen out of my coat pocket, and was laying on the very edge of theinside base. One quick bump, and it would have been gone until the card cases were pulled out of the store. Whew...thank goodness for good things.

I've been losing hours playing WoW again. :( I don't know if it's good, or bad..but, I'm doing it. I've had this night elf druid for ....oh...two years? I think. She sat at level 28 for ages. Then, I decided, why in the world am I doing that. I have NO reason to not play her. It's not like she should be placed into a tomb, never to be played again. So, out she came..and within a short time, she's already level 60, and enjoying Outlands. I love her - just absolutely my new favorite class to play. My son has major plans for her. He says I'll be his off-tank in Karazhan. haha. Currently, he is running Karazhan on a weekly basis with Team Cupcake, and his warrior absolutely 'rocks'. I think HE should enjoy Karazhan, and leave me out of it.

Anyway - it's late, almost 11:30, and I need to pack up my stuff for scrapbooking tomorrow. I'm going with my gal pals, and we're going to crop, and then go to dinner for my birthday, which is next week. Yay!


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