Sunday, February 10, 2008

1 day to break a routine, and 21 days to make it habit...

Jen, and I, joined a gym. Planet Fitness. It's brand new, and the grand opening is this week.

It originally began, as Jen joining with all her friends. Which she still did. Only, she had to go back to sign up, because she doesn't have a credit card yet, and she didn't have her checkbook with her. So, I took her back to do her sign up. While there, she kept saying, "mom - you should join too", and "we can come here together!!". But, I didn't join up right then.

Later, at home, throughout the evening, I kept thinking how cheap it is. Jen's program was $20 to start, and $10 a month. No commitment, no buyout fee. For that price, I really couldn't afford *not* to do it. So, on Friday morning, before going to scrapbooking, I went to sign up for a membership.

I got the plan, that was $0 down, and $19.99 a month. There is a yearly fee of $39.99 - which won't be billed until June. There is also a 12 month commitment, and a $58 buyout. But - I think that's reasonable - and I really don't expect to quit.

This gives me unlimited guest privledges, half off their beverages, unlimited tanning - which I won't use, unlimited use of the massage chairs, and free use of franchise locations - which, let's face it, I'm not going to drive to any other location, when this place is 11 minutes away. The best part, is being able to bring a guest with me 7 days a week. I can't bring multiple guests each day, it's only one guest a day, but, that's okay. So, I can alternate the boys, or maybe I can get Steve to go with me. Or, if Jen's friend Jackie wants to check it out, she can some with us, and exercise with Jen. It's all good, and well worth the $20 a month.

I'm really excited, and so is she. I have never been on a treadmill. *gasp* I've never had any real workout routine, aside from walking at the track. So, this will be universally different for me. And, Jen, too! But, we are SO ready for it, and giddy with excitement. So tomorrow is day 1 of breaking my routine of barely exercising, and hopefully, after 21 visits, this will be a new habit in my life.

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