Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm not sure why, but, I'm really nervous about traveling tomorrow. I have knots in my stomach, and I'm working myself into a nervous frenzy. It's crazy, I know. I have to calm down, or I'll make myself ill. But, I can't. I have such an unsettled feeling in regards to flying, and it isn't a good feeling. Steve has told me to calm down, my kids look at me like I'm nuts. They are all going to be at home here. I'm going alone. Maybe that's it. Ugh...

I am *really* looking forward to my brother's wedding on Friday. He's excited, the girl he's marrying is excited. They are great together, and they are a wonderful husband and wife team. Maybe if I can just concentrate on that, I'll get over this Nervous Nellie feeling?!

I wish my mother could be there. I know she will be, in our hearts, and memory. It's odd, Friday is the two year anniversary of her passing. I wonder how emotional it will be. My brother told me that he wants me to read something he wrote in tribute to mom, during the ceremony. I told him he 'sucks', because he knows how much I hate to talk in front of people. Especially people I don't know very well. Blah, he has put me on the spot with this, but, I'm honored that he asked me to do it, instead of our brother. I'm honored, that they both asked me to be in the wedding party, and feel a bit sad, that our brother isn't in the wedding party. But, they had a fight, and he was kicked out of the bridal party. So - now, he's just going to be at the wedding.

I have a funny feeling, that the next three days are going to be crazy. Tomorrow is a crazy travel day, and we're all going out at night, Thursday is the rehearsal, and dinner. Thursday night, I think that there is something else planned, and Friday is going to be crazy getting ready. Hair appointments, dressing, pictures, and then on to the ceremony, and reception afterwards. The rest of the weekend will be busy, visiting with dad, and other relatives that are flying to Florida for the wedding, too.

So, now, it's time for bed. It's up and at 'em early in the morning!

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