Friday, January 6, 2012

Good-bye 'til next December

Took down the Christmas tree today.     I was kind of sad as I removed the ornaments, one by one.  Wrapping them in tissue paper, and gently tucking them away.   I usually have the tree down so much sooner.  This year, though, I really loved our tree.   It was so pretty.   Even John commented on how much nicer the tree was this year, than other years.    

Same, 20+ year old, artificial tree - that we've used on and off over the years.  Handed over to me by my mother when my parents moved to Florida.   "We'll buy a new one when we get down there", she said.  Through the years, we'd get a real tree - here, and there.   But, I am always a bit very paranoid when a real tree is in the house.   I dunno where my fears come from, but, I have them.  


This year, on Black Friday, I went to Home Depot with Jennifer.   There, among all the decorations, were the loveliest Winter Woodland themed ornaments.   I had to have them.   Then, we spied tubes of 18 ball ornaments - red, green, gold!!  $2.50 - even better!  4 of them into the cart.  Owls, pine cones, acorns, cardinals...all into the cart.     White lights - into the cart.    We whisked to the checkout, paid, and were on the way home.

Over the next few days, a trip to Target, Walmart, and Michaels, saw me adding more to my now growing assortment of "woodland theme" ornaments.   Snowflakes, reindeer, red glittered hearts....brought home, and added to the now growing stack of tree decorations.

Finally, the old tree was brought up from the basement, I put it together, matching up the different colored levels.  Fluffing the branches, wrapping the strands of lights around, and around.    I saw, somewhere online, a Christmas tree wrapped with grapevine - so I found a wreath I'd bought years ago, and broke it apart, and wrapped it around the tree.   Slowly I started adding ornaments, one by one.   I took my time, and after two days - I called the tree complete.

One of the cats decided that she loved the tree, as much as I did.  She'd climb up into the tree, and stretch out on the row of branches, and just chill there.   That's another reason the tree had to go.  This week, she started climbing in there, and leaping from tree, to sofa.   Yes, it was time.

(I removed those curly things after taking the picture.   I really didn't like them sticking out of the tree, once I stepped back, and really looked at them. )

I really enjoyed looking at my tree this year - and I am sad it's gone, and packed away for the next 11 months.  

But, at the same time, I'm feeling good.  

Today I talked to a friend, and we both agreed that we're glad the holidays are over, but, we're sad about it, too.   I guess life is like that.  Out with the old, in with the new.   Time comes, and goes.  It marches on - with, or without us.

So, good-bye Christmas, hello to the new year, and all that comes with it!


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Mimi said...

Love the cat ;)

Debbi Tehrani said...

What a beautiful tree, and OMGoodness, how cute is your kitty!

Scrapbook Joe said...

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