Monday, January 2, 2012

old habits (neglecting this blog is an old habit, too!)

The week between Christmas, and New Years, has seen me revisiting some old habits.     Most notably - staying up until 3am!  I haven't done that in so long.   It helps that most of the week I was able to just sleep in a while, and then get up, get ready, and head out to work.   If I had a 'normal' job, a job that required me to be there at a structured time, I'd have had some problems - lol.  That, or I'd have been in bed at a respectable (ahem) hour.

There are times I miss staying up til the wee hours of the morning.   But, most of the time, I look forward to bed with great anticipation.   I love sleep.  Sleep + me = best friends. 

I've also been playing some WoW - not much - just a bit. Kind of sad, really. I'm just not that into you, anymore, WoW. Ah, my son plays enough for both he, and myself!  

Anyway - Christmas was lovely.   We spent it with my aunt and uncle, and my brother, and sister in law.  It was the first Christmas spent with my brother in over 15 years.   He has lived in Florida since 1996 - but, he, and my SIL moved back to NY in June.   It was so nice to be all together.   Everyone loved their Christmas gifts, and got plenty of what they wanted, and even some of what they didn't even ask for.   I think that's just lovely!

After Christmas saw me starting some home organization.  A little purging of things that really aren't needed anymore.  Piles of books put to the side to donate to the library, clothes in bags to put into the clothing bin at the church, and bags of old magazines to go out with the recycling this week.   

I've also started the organization of my scrapbooking bag.  My girlfriends, and I are in prep mode for the upcoming SDV in February!  Woohoo!!  I'm going away with my SIL, and 12 of my girlfriends for a long weekend.   54 hours of croppin' til we drop.   Sleeping in a hotel, wearing comfy clothes, fuzzy slippers, matching jammies (my SIL are wearing matching jammies, anyway).   I am so looking forward to this trip.    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get sick anymore, though.   I've already been sick twice since the end of November with bronchitis.  Yuck!   

So - prep for an event of this sort - I'm packing up my Scrapbook Generation Super Sketch club kits - sorting each layout into its own page protector, and picking pictures for each layout.   I'll put these all in my tote, and have plenty to work on when I'm away.   I do have plenty to scrap - thousands of photos.    Another order of photos is ready to send off to Costco for printing this week, too!

Another thing I'm starting - Project 365.   A photo a day for the year.   Which will tie in perfectly with Project Life - a la Becky Higgins.  I'll be using the cobalt blue clementine core kit, and adding in bits and pieces from my huge stash of goods here at home.   I had the cobalt blue in my cart at Amazon, and then....I started blog hopping, and came across a blog with nice close-up photos of the clementine pieces, and realized 'hey, that kit is so much more *me*'.    Now, I'm waiting itchily for it to ship!!   Hurry up, Amazon!

 You'll see a tab pop up (eventually done!), and that is where I'll post my project life pages (eventually). 

It's 12:15, and I guess I should go to bed - or at least starting getting ready to go to bed.  Ha!

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