Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goodness in everyday life

The days go by so quickly.    I wish I could stop time - just joking  seriously!   There is so much I want to see, do, accomplish.   The list goes on, and on, and on...

Paint the livingroom, take a trip somewhere that we've never been before, organize my home, wash the windows (yeah, right), read more, scrapbook more, update this blog more often.   Spend time with my wonderful family.   There are so many things, and they aren't even all that fancy.  

Just regular, everyday events.  The ordinary things. 

But, ordinary, and be so extrordinary sometimes. 

Like the day out with my daughter.   Walking along Main Street in Huntington Village.   In, and out, of the little shops.   Buying mittens, and earmuffs.  Dashing across the street because the cross lights aren't working properly, and tripping up the sidewalk curb.   Giggling, laughing, out of breath.   So cold, our noses are rosy red, fingers numbed.  We rush back to the car, warm up, and drive to Panera for soup in a bread bowl.     Lucky to find a table, we sit, eat, and chat.  Reluctant to finish our food too quickly, only to be glared at by others who want our table.  

On the drive home, we're happy.  I let her know how wonderful it is to spend time together.   Just she, and I.  Mother, and daughter.   The times together are so rare now.   She is in college full-time, works part-time, has homework, and papers, and reading to do for her classes.    She is busy of the week.   So the day we got to spend together, wasn't even a full day.  

Just a few precious hours. 

But, oh how extraordinary those hours were.  Perfect goodness.

I have days of goodness with my boys, too.  But, they are at the age where Mom really doesn't equal fun.  Rather someone they know they can always turn to when a shoulder is needed - even if those tims are so far apart.    Mom, for them, is hot dinner, and clean clothes.  

I love these young adults, and can still see the little babies they used to be.    It's a strange place for me to be.  Letting them go, not being needed (not every day, anyway).   That's probably why I love scrapbooking so much.  A stack of baby pictures, or the second grade picture where Jen chopped her bangs within a 1/4 inch of her scalp - and there was nothing I could do to fix it.   The photo of Joey, front teeth missing, and then, there's that picture of John, blowing a kiss - wearing lipstick he found in my make-up bag.  

My life is full of goodness, indeed.

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Lean said...

cool page love the title and all the sweet little hearts you have add.
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