Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Got my e-tickets

My flights are booked for the wedding. I'll be going alone - it's just way too expensive for everyone to go. My tickets alone were shy of $400. I'll be flying Southwest down, and Jetblue back home. I'm kind of looking forward to flying Jetblue. Though - I just hope it doesn't snow up here in NY, or I may end up stranded - somewhere - on the return leg of my flight.

I talked to my brother last night, and he informed me that once I get there, it'll be busy. The night I get there - will be party/club night. A club? Me? Hahahah!! I haven't gone to a club in....oh....forget it. It's been a long time. I'm just not the club scene girl anymore. The next day is the rehearsal, and dinner. Then, all the 'girls' are sleeping at home of the bride's mom. Because, my brother said, the next morning we'll be going to get our hair done, and our nails 'did'. :P Then, back to the house to dress for the wedding, which is around 5pm, I believe.

I'm looking forward to it. I've never been in a bridal party, other than my own.

I talked to my dad last night, and he said it'll be nice for me to get away for a few days, and have some fun. He also let me know, that if I'm getting too tired on Wednesday night, all I have to do is call him, and he'll come pick me up wherever we are. You see, my dad understands that I'm 41 (42 by then), a mom of three, I'll have been up since 6am that morning, and that I'm just not into that party scene anymore. He's also really happy that I'll be there for a short visit.

Anyway - I have to work. I don't want to. I'm so tired from all the running around that Steve and I did yesterday. Plus, waiting up til almost 1am for Jen to get home from the city....bleh - but - if I want to go scrapbooking tomorrow, I need to work today. So - sacrifice I must!!

(afterall, I can nap later)

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