Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long weekends are nice

This weekend has been pretty good so far.

I'm including Friday, since I didn't work that day! Marie, and her sister Marion picked me up at 11:30am, and we headed to the scrapbook store for cropping all day! We met Nina there, and Maryanne arrived a bit later. We had such a great time! Thank goodness our moods weren't affected by the weather, which was just awful! It was cold, and rainy, yuck!

I worked on some BoBunny chipboard word bloom books. I covered three books - believe, family, and love. Believe is the one I did the most work on. It was for Jennifer's birthday. I added pictures, and embellishments, lot's of bling, and ribbon. I'll have to take some pictures, and post them here.

It was just a great day, lot's of laughter, and chatter. ;) I got home around 11:15pm, and was asleep by midnight!

Saturday morning, I got up quite early. But, by 11am, I decided to go lay down again, and fell asleep. I just kind of relaxed and dozed most of the day away. The kids were all busy doing their thing, so all was good! Dinner was pot luck, and then I did all the finishing work on Jen's birthday present. Went to bed around 3:45am!

Today, Sunday...Jennifer's 18th birthday! Amazing to believe I have an 18yo child.

She loved her book, and her cards. Her birthday presents are enroute from American Eagle. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive in time for today. :( Jen and I went to see a movie today. Fred Claus. So funny! We really enjoyed it. On the way home, we stopped to pick out a birthday cake, but, instead of cake, she chose a chocolate mousse tart. Yummy!, it's 10:30, and we had dinner, and dessert, we watched Desperate Housewives, and everything is quiet. There is no school tomorrow, so that's a good thing. Another morning with no alarm clock! Yay!

I'm out to go chit chat on some message boards. Have a great night!

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