Monday, November 26, 2007

On a mission still be able to fit into this - when I go back to pick it up on January 25th. And, to still fit at the end of February for my brother's wedding day.
I went for my fitting last week. The dress is beautiful, and so flattering. It also needed to be taken in a good 6 inches in the bust. Woot! The girls are getting smaller. ;)
But - wow, Christmas is a month away! What a time to have to watch, and be really, really good. Lunches, parties, cookies, and all the great holiday food and treats! I just have to, though. It's funny how something like a dress, that you have to wear in three months, gives you incentive to be good!
Steve and I were at Costco over the weekend, and of course, all those lovely people were there, with samples of food. There was one woman with these incredible shortbread cookies. OMG - I had one cookie, it was heavenly, and then sent Steve back to get me one more. I was so tempted to buy the tin of cookies....but....that would be dangerous. He's my conscience - 'remember - the black dress?'.
Grrr...sometimes I hate him. :P
(Costco sold one less tin of cookies that day.)
So...I really can't go up in size, and I really have to try not to go down in size, too. But, how do you 'stay' at the same size? I think going down won't be so, I just have to do my best to be good, good, good!!

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