Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving, and the long weekend - is coming.

So, this week is Thanksgiving.

I think that a lot of people look at this upcoming holiday, and the days that follow it, and precede it, differently. For me, the days before - are so busy. Between working, and prepping, and family. The day of, I always enjoy, because we have a lot to be thankful for. Happiness, love, family. The days after - are always great, because we can sleep in, and stay up late if we want. Just a good amount of time to do what we want/like, to do.

The days preceding Thanksgiving, this year, are very busy for me.

First of all, since I work for Hallmark, I need to make sure that all my accounts have been serviced, and that all holiday party goods are out, and available for sales. Thanksgiving party product, is *the* biggest point of sale for all seasons. Even higher sales than Christmas party product. Truly. So, since I have 4 accounts - that'll keep me pretty busy on Monday. I'll want to get in to all my stores fairly early, so that there are the maximum days/hours, to sell off fall party product.

On Tuesday, I have an appointment at 11:30, at David's Bridal. It's my fitting, for the dress I will be wearing, in my brother's wedding party. I have my shoes, and my undergarments *Oh joy!* Jen is going to take a ride with me, and after the fitting, we will go on over to the mall. She saw a dress to wear for the wedding, and to a party she'll be going to in December. So, we want to check it out, try it on, and buy it, if it's suitable. We'll grab some lunch, and shop a bit, too.

Wednesday - I should check in on my accounts again, make sure all is neat, order a bit, pack out some orders that arrive. Because, I know that I really don't want to work on Friday. I really don't have to - since Christmas is set. But - I might stop in at my largest account when I drop Jen off at work on Black Friday. I'll see.

Thursday - the big day. We will be home. I think we're going to make this a pj's and movies day. We'll get up, have breakfast, while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. I'll prep the turkey, and have it in the oven around 10am. We have a bunch of movies to watch. I also rented Deck the Halls. We really want to go see Enchanted which opens on Wednesday. But, that's kind of hard to do when we'll have a turkey in the oven.

Friday - Jen is working all day, she's actually working all weekend - but, that's retail. She's not overly thrilled, of course. She still has school work, and a paper to write for the Monday after Thanksgiving. But, she'll get it done. She always does. The boys - I'm sure, are looking forward to sleeping in a bit, and playing their games. Joey will be tethered to his PS2, and John will be up to his elbows in WoW. I'm still not sure what I'll do - plenty of time to decide! I won't be playing WoW. I quit the game, and while I've been logging in sporadically over the last few weeks, my pre-paid time runs out on the 22nd - so I'm officially done with that game. (At least I think so.....) *wink*
I do hope that everyone enjoys their family, friends, and feasting.
*And remember, Christmas is 5 weeks from this coming Tuesday!*


Mimi said...

May it be a fabulous holiday for you and your family.

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