Sunday, April 1, 2007

City day!

Tomorrow I'll be going into Manhattan with my daughter. We're going to meet my aunt. Our aunt. My mother's sister. She is also my daughter's god mother.

We are going shopping for prom things. Namely, an evening bag of some kind, and a jewelry set, to go with the gown. We'll also check around the fashion district, to see if we can find some kind of floral item to be used with the comb in her hair.

We love the city. It's so much fun to walk around, and see everything. Especially when the weather is really nice. Tomorrow, is supposed to be a beautiful spring day. The forecast calls for high of 68 midtown, and sunny. Yay!

Since Jen has never been to a real Chinese restaurant, we are going to one for lunch. There are so many nice places midtown, so we'll pick one and eat lunch. I'm bringing the camera, of course, and hope to get shots of her eating with chopsticks! We never go to a Chinese restaurant here, because first of all, there aren't many sit down places. Secondly, the boys hate Chinese, we just get take out, and then the boys get pizza. So, we figure tomorrow is a great opportunity to enjoy lunch someplace new, and exciting.

We're also going to visit the M&M's store, and the Hershey's Chocolate store. The details are so great, more picture taking for me! I'll have more pics to scrap after this trip. I'm very glad about that...though...I have so many waiting for me already. LOL

I finally colored my hair tonight. The last time I did was late January, and the grey was really showing this time around. Maybe my hair grew really fast this time..I dunno. Anyway, it came out much darker than I had anticipated. Not so sure how I feel about that. At least the grey is covered. :-P

Anyway - gotta wait a bit before turning in, I just polished my nails a little while ago, and they need some drying time, or they'll have imprints from the sheets on them. *sigh*

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