Saturday, April 21, 2007

More shopping for sb stuffs!!!

Okay, I know that I have enough. I know that I said I wasn't going to buy anymore. I promised, even. But, the only promises I ever break, are the one's that I make regarding NOT buying new sb stuff. I keep my other promises. :) I do, really.

So, today, I got some new stuff at the sb store, and even Michael's. M's is getting a sb face lift. Lot's of new product. Lot's of the same stuff. One thing I have to say - wow! lot's of nice new albums. A really great, and pretty selection there now.

We also went to the mall. John needed some shorts, and a few new t-shirts. Jen bought herself 2 tops at AE, and 2 posters at Hot Topic. I hate Hot Topic...they play the music way too loud, and I think it sounds bad.... :P the kids like it, though. /shrug

Now, we're home. It's 73, make that 75!!! degrees out there today. Bea-U-ti-ful. :)

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dawn said...

Hi Chev... thank you so much for comment on my blog - was lovely of you to drop by and say hi... hope to see you again :D Good for you for SB shopping - it is of course, good for the soul LOL Will have to check out Michaels when we visit Orlando this year :D Hope you;re having a great Sunday...