Sunday, April 8, 2007


I think we may be going to WDW again this August.

Yes, I said August. Hmm....'s going to be hot.'s going to be sticky.'s going to be crowded.'s going to be a lot of fun, Disney always is.

If I could wait, I'd much rather go in October. But, Jen starts college this year, and I can't go pulling her out of school to go on vacation. So, the only other option - Florida, in the summer. At least the parks are open late, and the pool is cool. haha. We can get up, and go out early, and then come back to the hotel, and go swimming for a while, or swim first, then head out later.

We'll see.

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dawn said...

We usually have to do Disney in August too - because of the schools, but my DD is taking her GCSE exminations this year, wo will finish school early - we can visit end of June/beg of July - still pretty hot tho LOL - and we know there will be crowds - everywhere! LOL We LOVE Disney... you know you'll have fun - we can swap notes :D